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Smaller websites are designed and created using static pages, each page is created individually by a web designer and always looks and acts the same. Dynamic webpages use a vast range of automated facilities to make the site more interesting, useful and more interactive. have a great deal of experience creating dynamic, database-driven websites for companies that need a little bit more from their site.

One of the most important forms of a database-driven website is one created using a content management system, where individual pages are stored and loaded from the database as required. PumpkinPie specialise in content management systems, and have our own proprietry software. Read more about's content managed websites on our Content Management page.

We are able to furnish your site with advanced website features such as web-based forms, surveys, polls and questionnaires, statistics, directories and lists, libraries, search, multimedia content processing and indexing, content management, user submissions and collaboration, ecommerce solutions, and so on, the only limit is your imagination. develop our software using PHP and mySQL, mature, stable open-source programming tools with a huge online user-base.

We are also able to provide secure online-accessable in-house business solutions for organisations that need to access their information systems from anywhere in the world.



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Online Branding

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