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There is very little point in spending money on a website if no-one ever sees it! Of course your company will have it's own marketing strategy, but the majority of your potential customers probably wont remember your URL and will be looking up your company on Google. The majority of users wont look past the first couple of pages of search results, so you really need your site to be near the top for the crucial phrases your users are likely to search for.

 Possibly one of the most crucial metrics of a site's success is where it shows up on the popular search engines (commonly refered to as the site's page rank), to improve this a collection of techniques known as Search Engine Optimisation are used.

The principle factor that affects a site's page rank is how well-formed and well-written your website is, search engines have software known as spiders which crawl the web indexing sites ready to be listed in search results, and it is crucial that the spiders are able to correctly read your site. Other factors, such as use and position of keywords and key phrases, will further improve your page rank. pay special attention to ensuring all our sites utilise the latest search engine optimisation techniques, so your message will be reach as many people as possible.

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Online Branding

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